About Us

AG Stock Picks Discord is an educational resource and a community of like-minded traders, looking to learn and to help each other navigate the treacherous waters of capital markets, crypto and metaverse investing.

While we do share potentially profitable setups for long, medium and short term trades, this is not an investment advice service and we are not investment or financial advisors. The goal is to provide analysis, reports and educational resources to help our members become better traders.

What makes us different from other similar services is accountability and transparency. All weekly and intraday alerts are carefully tracked. Summaries are generated at the end of each day and week.

Our service is 100% subscriber supported and no compensation of any kind is received by the owner (AG) from any companies discussed.

As a member of AG Stock Picks Discord, you will get access to:

  • Weekly market updates covering major sectors (commodities, crypto, cannabis, eSports, etc..)
  • Weekly stock watchlists with detailed technical analysis and strategies
  • Intraday alerts for potential short-term and long-term opportunities
  • News alerts bot that automatically detects potentially significant/tradable news headlines
  • Curated insider filings tracking channel
  • Charting and technical analysis on request
  • Automated charting and market info bots
  • Daily US and Canadian market scans: Oversold, Overbought, Technical Buy and Sell signals
  • Tips, strategies, cheat sheets and educational resources